Merton Village

Come and enjoy life in the friendly country atmosphere for which Denman is famous.

Situated at 45 Ogilvie Street and 7 Turtle Street, Merton Village provides a quiet, peaceful setting that gives you the opportunity to live life at your pace.

Being just off the main street it provides easy access to the shopping centre, local sports complexes and clubs.

Our Village community has grown to 41 occupied units.  All units have at least two bedrooms, spacious living area, kitchen, bathroom and laundry.  We have another 3 units currently under construction, which are up for grabs.  Please view our Stage 5 plans for more information. 

For days when it is too good to spend indoors, meet your friends and neighbours at the pergola—perhaps enjoy a BBQ or a game of croquet.  At our Turtle Street site we now have a men's shed and community hall for our residents to meet, have a yarn or tinker about at their leisure.

The Village also has a community hall at our Ogilvie Street site, where you can hold indoor activities.  A recent addition is a pool table with pool nights now on our activity calendar.

News Flash: We have 2 units available now!  The 2 bedroom units are situated at our Ogilvie Street site - extremely close to all the services you need.  Call us on 6547 2684.


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